Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Soul Power

May 10th is World Lupus Day.
Support Julian Lennon and the Lupus Foundation
Thank you.

The trees haven't broken, they bend in the wind.
And the gulls haven't crashed to the sea.

And the waves that have run along gold sandy shores
Will continued for eternity.
While I, and my love, sit in contented peace
Amidst passions of water, earth, air.

We watch our own fireball sink out of site,
Aware that we both really care.
About all life that graces this planet called Earth,
Fellow mammals, and fishes, and birds.
As he tries to capture it, pencil to sketch pad,
I try to write it in words.
All the love that is in us to give out to other
Will always come back to us.

For the living and laughter, the joys and the tears,
Love of family and friendships, and trust.

It is out there, just waiting, for us to enjoy.
So remember to bend like the tree.
And fly like a seagull, then soar like a kite;
And be powerful, just like the sea.

Poem and photographs are (C) 1991 - 2011 Lyn E. Ayre, Ph.D.
Please respect this.


  1. So heart felt Lyn. Thank you for sharing this with me and the world. Your perspective has an inspiring and healing touch. Simply Beautiful!

  2. Thank you, Anu. I saw on my Earthball that there was someone from NewYork on my site and I felt it was you. So, I became very peaceful and sent you love and light via distance. This was at 3:30pm Vancouver, BC time, which would be around 6:30 your time. I appreciate your comments very much. Warmly, Lyn