Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Prayer for the People

As energies shift and change on the planet it causes stresses in the plates, which then shift as well. As these plates move into a different alignment, it shows us the energy we need to move into - malleable - capable of being honed and shaped without breaking. This is reflected in our personal lives and lives of all we know. There is a real shake-down going on in the world. People are waking up. People are passing beyond the veil to prepare our world on the energy level. This has certainly been evident in our life as our relationships change and morph into something other than what they were, and as people, young and elder, pass away; people that seemed would be together for always are divorcing. The most unlikely people are getting together. Something is afoot.

We cannot know all that is happening as it is far beyond our finite mind. We can, however, move into our Spirit and willingly make the shifts required within us. We can do this through prayer and meditation, by quieting our minds, by reaching out to those who need our help, by reaching out to others for help, and by stepping into our Light. 'We are greater than we know.' There is an acronym for this line of thinking - WAG - willingness, action, gratitude.

We create the story of our lives so we can live on this world ie: wife, husband, father, mother, grandma, grandpa, healing facilitator, drafts person, friend, and so on, then live out those scripts as best we can, becoming completely involved in the illusion that we call 'my life'. Entanglement and confusion arise from this behaviour. When we hang on too tightly by our own personal story, we can become terribly hurt by it.

We need to let go of the reigns and give them back to the Creator Of All That Is. That is where our Power comes from. We need to always remember that it is our Spirit within us that animates our flesh and bones, and that IT is the survivor in all of this. The only lesson that is ever learned is the lesson of Love. The only question we need to ask ourselves is - did I do that with Love?

Over this last weekend and every day for as long as it takes, we send Healing Rays of Love and Light in the situation in Japan, and continue to do so for Lybia, Iran, and everywhere that people are suffering.

It is our prayer that all who suffer will know peace and all who hate and fear will move into a state of Love.

Please join us daily, at whatever time is right for you, in prayer and meditation, with the purpose of sending Rays of Love and Light to all who suffer.

If you believe in Angels, please invoke the power of Archangel Michael in the North, Archangel Uriel in the East, Archangel Gabriel in the South, and Archangel Raphael in the West for our highest good.

If you do Shamanic work and use a Medicine Wheel, please burn Sweetgrass in the North, Indian Tobacco in the East, White Sage in the South, and Cedar in the West for our highest good.

Thank you for your part in this worldwide healing ceremony.

Warmly, Lyn and Norman Ayre

Aura Wellness Centre
Coquitlam, Canada

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