Thursday, May 30, 2013

Himalayan Bowls for Sale

Himalayan Bowls – Pricing

I’m selling my collections of Himalayan Singing Bowls, either as a group or by each piece. All of them are top quality. I’ve not named them by a keynote because they create harmonics. Prices range from $25.00 to $275.00 and are fair & firm. Cash only. No shipping, so local to Vancouver only.

I’m available on weekday evenings from 7-8 pm or on Saturday between 10 am - 12 noon. I can negotiate this somewhat depending on my schedule. Contact Lyn to hear a bowl. 604-200-6921

Bowl          Size   Price    Description
1 Buddha Bowl 10” $275.00 Inscribed Buddha on the inside bottom of this very large deeply toned bowl.

2 Very large bowl 10” $250.00 Lovely deep tone with a long sustain.

3 Sarasvati Bowl 9.5” $250.00 Inscribed Sarasvati on the inside bottom of this very large deeply toned bowl.

4 Medium Large Bowl 9” $140.00 Beautiful deep tone with a long sustain.

5 Medium Bowl 6.75” $70.00 Lovely tone

6 Medium Bowl 7” $90.00 Gold Bowl with a long sustain and a lovely tone

7 Medium Large Bowl 8.5” $130.00 Gorgeous tone that lasts a very long time

8 Medium Large Bowl 7” $120.00 Gorgeous tone that lasts a very long time

9 Medium Bowl 6.75” $80.00 Lovely singing bowl with great tone

10 Medium Bowl 6.75” $65.00 Lovely singing bowl with great tone

11 Medium Bowl 6.5” $75.00 Gold Bowl with a long sustain and a lovely tone

12 Medium Bowl 6.5” $50.00 Gold Bowl with a long sustain and a lovely tone

13 Medium Bowl 6” $75.00 Gold Bowl with a long sustain and a lovely tone

14 Medium Bowl 5.75” $60.00 Lovely singing bowl with great tone

15 Small Bowl 4.5” $25.00 Lovely little bowl with a high angelic tone

16 Small Bowl 4.75 $25.00 Lovely little bowl with a high angelic tone

17 Tingshas $10.00

18 Ganta $15.00

3 Very large bowls; 9-10”; range from $250.-$275.

3 Medium large bowls; 7-9”; range from $120.-$140.

8 Medium bowls; 5 ¾ - 6 ¾ “; range from $50.-$90.

2 Small bowls; 4 ½ - 4 ¾ “ are $25.00 each

Prices are 30% off what I paid for them.

$1600.00 for the whole set. Savings of $205.00

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Lupus - a brief look at its beginnings in me

the perfect storm

I believe the early 1960’s created a perfect storm and environment to develop Lupus symptoms when I was 12 years old.

When I was 12 (Aug 1963), I woke in the morning to discover my whole body was covered in weeping sores. Some of them had dried and so my pj’s were stuck to my body. Mom filled a tub with lukewarm water and baking soda. I soaked for a while until my jammies came loose and the itching subsided. The doctor thought it was a viral infection but could never pin it down. From that time forward, I had episodes of severe fatigue, sore joints, and low-grade fever. Often my body was covered in bruises, which are very hard to get when one is flaked out on the couch for weeks at a time.

The next part of the triad came in Dec 1964 when I was gang raped by four men in the park on the way home from school. This event completely changed my personality and no one could understand what was happening to me, least of all me. Why had I flipped literally overnight? I had mentally blocked the event for a few years but that didn’t seem to matter; it still changed me. I became completely self-destructive – took up smoking, began drinking alcohol, and started to run around with boys. Three months later, I tried to commit suicide because I didn’t even recognize myself anymore. The cops pulled me down from the bridge railing and I went into the system, becoming a foster child to a minister and his wife. I was there for three and a half years.

In 1965, I was lying in the backyard of my foster home and fell asleep, burning my back and legs to a crisp. Apparently, I was not responsive and was taken to the Royal Columbian Hospital to recover.

In 1967, I was diagnosed with Mono due to the symptoms I was experiencing (tired, sore throat, swollen glands) and had to recover at home for a few months.

From 1970 to 1972, I lost four little boy babies at around four months each. When I was diagnosed with Lupus in 1998 by Dr. L. Jones in Port Coquitlam, it was this fact and my history of pain and fatigue that tipped him off to the Lupus. The medical tests that followed confirmed his suspicions. When he told me it was the disease of 1,000 faces, I immediately forgave the dozens of doctors I’d seen over the years. It wasn’t all in my head after all.

I think that all of the stress of those early years, the infections, and over-exposure to the UV rays caused my body to turn on itself and develop this cruel disease.

Throughout my life, I’ve had long stretches of being quite ill and not able to get around very well and really not wanting to as I was in so much pain and was so very tired. At other times, I was thoroughly ensconced in life, enjoying family, friends, work, and play. It’s a maddening disease as it is hard to make and follow through with plans that are made. All this being said, I’d rather have my issues than some of the other ones I see folks struggling with today.

© 2012 Lyn E. Ayre, Ph.D.

Monday, May 14, 2012

LUPUS - the disease of a 1,000 faces

Lyn Ayre 60th Birthday

Friday May 18th is 'band together for Lupus awareness' day. We are all asked to 'Put on the Purple' to show our support for those who suffer with Lupus.

I've done some writing over the years and I share that with you here.

So, It’s Lupus

They say it’s a very mild case.
Well, maybe so … if you’re not living it.
So what if I have a nosebleed everyday during a flare.
So what if my hair comes out in gobs.
Oh, not so you can tell, yet. But I can see it in the wastebasket.
And so what if, yesterday, I could barely get off the couch, as I was so exhausted.
So what if my eye is attacked and I am in jeopardy of losing my sight. So what!
I’m a photographer, a writer, an artist, and a singer. It is attacking my vocal chords.
So what if my joints ache so badly that it makes me flinch and cry.
So what if I get this weird rash on my face if I’m out in the sun.
And so what if purple bruises appear in various unhurt spots on my body for no reason.
It’s just a mild case… no major organ involvement.
My blood, my eyes, my skin, my joints.
My liver may becoming toxic due to the drugs I have to take.
Flares and remissions.
I am grateful for the remissions.
But I really do feel like shit during a flare.
I do think about others who have a much worse case than I do.
I pray for them.
I pray for myself, too.
But don’t worry. It’s not going to kill me.
It’s just a mild case.

Lupus, the disease of a thousand faces

© 12Jan2006 Lyn E. Ayre

For years, I’d suffered from stiff and aching joints and muscles. I’d get a red rash on my hands, face, and upper chest if I was exposed to the sun for too long. I would wake up in the morning with one or more purple bruises. They could be small or large and in some interesting spots; most typically the inside of my forearms and biceps, upper inside of my thigh, or the inside of my ankle or wrists. During a flare, I would lose handfuls of hair. I might run a fever of 101-102 degrees Fahrenheit, have bleeding gums, or a continual headache. The symptoms would come and go at will and vary each time. I’d get tiny red and purple marks on my abdomen and the inside of my arms. My memory was sometimes short. I’d may feel exhausted and stay in bed or on the couch all day. Sometimes I would also experience scleritis, which is an inflammation of the white area of the eyeball.

According to my rheumatologist, I had enough positive results to make a diagnosis for Lupus. It is a process of eliminating other possible diseases and syndromes. I’ve since forgiven every doctor that has ever sent me away without a determination or diagnosis. It has to be as confusing for doctors as it is for patients.

Lupus is called the disease of a thousand faces. We all present differently. It usually begins slowly with new symptoms appearing over a period of several weeks, months or, at times, years. In general, as one symptom appears it tends to stay while, in turn, new symptoms develop. Because the symptoms may be hard to see or describe and tend to come and go suddenly, it may take time before the person becomes aware that something is wrong.

A little twist to my story is that I also have phospholipid antibodies, anticardiolipin antibodies, and lupus anticoagulant in my blood so I was at risk for miscarriages. Cardiolipin antibodies are associated with a tendency toward blood clotting. If this had been known when I was pregnant, I could have been given blood-thinning medications (aspirin with or without heparin) during my pregnancies to prevent the miscarriages.

Until I was diagnosed with ‘Antiphospholipid Disorder’ a few years ago, I’d always blamed myself for losing my four babies. I carried a lot of guilt and shame about this. With the diagnosis of Lupus, came self-forgiveness and understanding.

I’d been so ill for a very long time. For about a month, I had been praying for God’s healing grace to enter me and restore me to health and mental clarity. As each day passed, I became more and more willing to change my thinking and let go of old outworn ideas, and belief systems that no longer served me well. I felt a change begin to occur in me.

It was around that time that I was introduced to Usui Reiki – a Japanese, light-touch wellness modality. A major component of Reiki is self-healing. I began daily self-healing and improved enough that I did not need my walking sticks, or to use a wheel chair in shopping malls and hospitals, and I sold my electric scooter. The exhaustion that used to plague me gradually lifted. The other symptoms abated, too.

Some days, I would forget to take my meds and still feel okay. With my Doctor’s blessing, I gradually went off all my meds. This is what happened for me and I’m not advocating that any of you, dear readers, do anything against your doctor’s plan for you. I had become so completely willing to heal that I did the self-healing technique almost every day. Over the last three and a half years, I’ve probably missed a dozen days. Willingness is certainly one of the keys needed in healing; persistence is another.

I was recently asked a question. “So, are you saying you are cured of Lupus?” My response is simple. “No, I am not cured. The symptoms sometimes bother me from time to time. I do say I am healed, though, because the symptoms don’t bother me often. When I was sick, I was just getting worse and worse with no lessening in between. I was on some pretty heavy-duty medication with potentially devastating side-affects. I lost my job. My vision was in jeopary as were my vocal chords. I was in a tremendous amount of pain. Now I feel well. I have energy from morning to night and I’m improving every day. I am back into life. I feel whole again.” This, is my story.

In 2010, I was found to have over two dozen Lupus Lesions in my brain; these are areas of inflammation. Life goes on, one day at a time. I work, I live every minute, I love like there’s no tomorrow. I forgive and bless. I accept and appreciate. My life must have value to have meaning, so I create, I thrive, I learn, I grow, I share, I teach.

I am well.

Please 'Put on the Purple' on Friday May 18th to show you care about what happens to people with Lupus, the disease of a thousand faces. Thank you.

Love Lyn

And if you feel so inclined to contribute to the research for the cure, here’s the link:

Monday, April 9, 2012


We were provided at birth with all the necessary
talents and gifts to make a particular
contribution to the world.
We can choose to ignore our innate uniqueness
by turning a blind eye to our own Light.
We can choose to pursue our talents and
live our life to the fullest and to our highest potential.
It is always our choice.
Then, propelled by the energy of our unfoldment,
we can move forward into the life we intended to live.
Take your place.
Shine your light.

Love Lyn

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

ThetaHealing Up Coming Workshops

an attainable miracle for your life


The Basic DNA2 ThetaHealing® 3-day workshop teaches the student how to connect to (Creator of All That Is / Source Energy / God / Allah / whomever is your Highest Power) on the Seventh Plane of Existence through a meditative process. By accessing the God Power and going deep into Theta brain waves, the practitioner can then do intuitive body scans, readings, teachings, downloads of feelings, healings, belief work, and clearings. You are taught about each of the Seven Planes, and how to do Angelic connections, Guide connections, reclaim soul fragments, DNA reconnections, clearing of radiation, genetic corrections, group healings, distant healing techniques, over-the-phone techniques, develop and enrich your psychic abilities, manifest your deepest desires, and experience unconditional love moving through your body, healing as it goes.

Energy Testing is taught and, using those techniques, we can learn where these outworn beliefs are residing, whether it is on the Core, Genetic, History, or Soul level and request a clearing and balancing from there. You will also learn how to do ‘feelings downloads’ so that your client will have access to feelings they’ve never experienced before. A powerful healing occurs as a result of this alone.

You will be given the book “ThetaHealing” and the accompanying manual. At the end of this three-day seminar, you will be a Basic Practitioner of ThetaHealing. All participants receive an official certificate. Photos will be taken at this graduation ceremony.

There are no pre-requisites for this course. I ask that you bring an open mind, a willingness to learn and to heal, as well as a belief in a Power greater than yourself, no matter what you call it.

Venue: 20 minutes from Vancouver in Coquitlam; exact location is dependent upon the number of students.


The Advanced DNA ThetaHealing™ Course teaches you more about the Seven Planes of Existence. We will go deeper into the three R’s of regret, resentment, and rejection. We will connect to a plant, an ancestor, non-organic matter, send healing to an animal, and to our Higher Self. You will be released from past oaths, vows, promises, commitments, and other negative ties and cords that bind you. You will experience multiple downloads of feelings and teachings from Creator, which will illuminate and heal you on many levels. You will have more head space for creative and productive projects and thoughts that are constructive rather than always thinking and running the same old programs. You will learn how to ‘dig’ for the underlying belief that supports multiple other levels of belief; and when that one goes, they all go. You will learn how to clear free-floating memories, send love to the ‘baby in the womb’, heal a broken soul, speak to and ask questions of the Higher Self, and heal from several planes at once. We are always reminded that ‘if healing happens, it happens through us not by us’. The Creator of All That Is is doing the healing.

The book Advanced ThetaHealing and a complete manual are supplied. At the end of this three-day seminar, you will be an Advanced Practitioner of ThetaHealing. All participants receive an official certificate. Photos will be taken at this graduation ceremony.

Manifesting & Abundance
This course is divided into two parts:
1. Finding your blocks to success, abundance, prosperity
2. Retraining your mind to be focused on the goals you have set for yourself for you highest and best.
This 2-day workshop teaches you how to create the life you really want. Discover that money is just energy and that lack is more about our beliefs than it is about money. We will work through a 100-point questionnaire to pin-point exactly which beliefs are blocking your success, money, prosperity, and abundance. Discover how to manifest from the Seventh Plane while in a Theta state; Bending Time, Divine Timing; Remembering Your Future; Clear your home and property of dense energies; Create Your Future From the Seventh Plane; and Bless Your Money. There will be more downloads about money and success. We can Manifest and Create a Future without past fears. This class is designed to teach you how to use the Theta brainwave in the highest way to ensure your success. Gratitude is the key to this process. Join us and let’s make 2012 your year to shine!

To change your life, email me at and visit for further details.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Soul Power

May 10th is World Lupus Day.
Support Julian Lennon and the Lupus Foundation
Thank you.

The trees haven't broken, they bend in the wind.
And the gulls haven't crashed to the sea.

And the waves that have run along gold sandy shores
Will continued for eternity.
While I, and my love, sit in contented peace
Amidst passions of water, earth, air.

We watch our own fireball sink out of site,
Aware that we both really care.
About all life that graces this planet called Earth,
Fellow mammals, and fishes, and birds.
As he tries to capture it, pencil to sketch pad,
I try to write it in words.
All the love that is in us to give out to other
Will always come back to us.

For the living and laughter, the joys and the tears,
Love of family and friendships, and trust.

It is out there, just waiting, for us to enjoy.
So remember to bend like the tree.
And fly like a seagull, then soar like a kite;
And be powerful, just like the sea.

Poem and photographs are (C) 1991 - 2011 Lyn E. Ayre, Ph.D.
Please respect this.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Prayer for the People

As energies shift and change on the planet it causes stresses in the plates, which then shift as well. As these plates move into a different alignment, it shows us the energy we need to move into - malleable - capable of being honed and shaped without breaking. This is reflected in our personal lives and lives of all we know. There is a real shake-down going on in the world. People are waking up. People are passing beyond the veil to prepare our world on the energy level. This has certainly been evident in our life as our relationships change and morph into something other than what they were, and as people, young and elder, pass away; people that seemed would be together for always are divorcing. The most unlikely people are getting together. Something is afoot.

We cannot know all that is happening as it is far beyond our finite mind. We can, however, move into our Spirit and willingly make the shifts required within us. We can do this through prayer and meditation, by quieting our minds, by reaching out to those who need our help, by reaching out to others for help, and by stepping into our Light. 'We are greater than we know.' There is an acronym for this line of thinking - WAG - willingness, action, gratitude.

We create the story of our lives so we can live on this world ie: wife, husband, father, mother, grandma, grandpa, healing facilitator, drafts person, friend, and so on, then live out those scripts as best we can, becoming completely involved in the illusion that we call 'my life'. Entanglement and confusion arise from this behaviour. When we hang on too tightly by our own personal story, we can become terribly hurt by it.

We need to let go of the reigns and give them back to the Creator Of All That Is. That is where our Power comes from. We need to always remember that it is our Spirit within us that animates our flesh and bones, and that IT is the survivor in all of this. The only lesson that is ever learned is the lesson of Love. The only question we need to ask ourselves is - did I do that with Love?

Over this last weekend and every day for as long as it takes, we send Healing Rays of Love and Light in the situation in Japan, and continue to do so for Lybia, Iran, and everywhere that people are suffering.

It is our prayer that all who suffer will know peace and all who hate and fear will move into a state of Love.

Please join us daily, at whatever time is right for you, in prayer and meditation, with the purpose of sending Rays of Love and Light to all who suffer.

If you believe in Angels, please invoke the power of Archangel Michael in the North, Archangel Uriel in the East, Archangel Gabriel in the South, and Archangel Raphael in the West for our highest good.

If you do Shamanic work and use a Medicine Wheel, please burn Sweetgrass in the North, Indian Tobacco in the East, White Sage in the South, and Cedar in the West for our highest good.

Thank you for your part in this worldwide healing ceremony.

Warmly, Lyn and Norman Ayre

Aura Wellness Centre
Coquitlam, Canada