Tuesday, September 6, 2011

ThetaHealing Up Coming Workshops

an attainable miracle for your life


The Basic DNA2 ThetaHealing® 3-day workshop teaches the student how to connect to (Creator of All That Is / Source Energy / God / Allah / whomever is your Highest Power) on the Seventh Plane of Existence through a meditative process. By accessing the God Power and going deep into Theta brain waves, the practitioner can then do intuitive body scans, readings, teachings, downloads of feelings, healings, belief work, and clearings. You are taught about each of the Seven Planes, and how to do Angelic connections, Guide connections, reclaim soul fragments, DNA reconnections, clearing of radiation, genetic corrections, group healings, distant healing techniques, over-the-phone techniques, develop and enrich your psychic abilities, manifest your deepest desires, and experience unconditional love moving through your body, healing as it goes.

Energy Testing is taught and, using those techniques, we can learn where these outworn beliefs are residing, whether it is on the Core, Genetic, History, or Soul level and request a clearing and balancing from there. You will also learn how to do ‘feelings downloads’ so that your client will have access to feelings they’ve never experienced before. A powerful healing occurs as a result of this alone.

You will be given the book “ThetaHealing” and the accompanying manual. At the end of this three-day seminar, you will be a Basic Practitioner of ThetaHealing. All participants receive an official certificate. Photos will be taken at this graduation ceremony.

There are no pre-requisites for this course. I ask that you bring an open mind, a willingness to learn and to heal, as well as a belief in a Power greater than yourself, no matter what you call it.

Venue: 20 minutes from Vancouver in Coquitlam; exact location is dependent upon the number of students.


The Advanced DNA ThetaHealing™ Course teaches you more about the Seven Planes of Existence. We will go deeper into the three R’s of regret, resentment, and rejection. We will connect to a plant, an ancestor, non-organic matter, send healing to an animal, and to our Higher Self. You will be released from past oaths, vows, promises, commitments, and other negative ties and cords that bind you. You will experience multiple downloads of feelings and teachings from Creator, which will illuminate and heal you on many levels. You will have more head space for creative and productive projects and thoughts that are constructive rather than always thinking and running the same old programs. You will learn how to ‘dig’ for the underlying belief that supports multiple other levels of belief; and when that one goes, they all go. You will learn how to clear free-floating memories, send love to the ‘baby in the womb’, heal a broken soul, speak to and ask questions of the Higher Self, and heal from several planes at once. We are always reminded that ‘if healing happens, it happens through us not by us’. The Creator of All That Is is doing the healing.

The book Advanced ThetaHealing and a complete manual are supplied. At the end of this three-day seminar, you will be an Advanced Practitioner of ThetaHealing. All participants receive an official certificate. Photos will be taken at this graduation ceremony.

Manifesting & Abundance
This course is divided into two parts:
1. Finding your blocks to success, abundance, prosperity
2. Retraining your mind to be focused on the goals you have set for yourself for you highest and best.
This 2-day workshop teaches you how to create the life you really want. Discover that money is just energy and that lack is more about our beliefs than it is about money. We will work through a 100-point questionnaire to pin-point exactly which beliefs are blocking your success, money, prosperity, and abundance. Discover how to manifest from the Seventh Plane while in a Theta state; Bending Time, Divine Timing; Remembering Your Future; Clear your home and property of dense energies; Create Your Future From the Seventh Plane; and Bless Your Money. There will be more downloads about money and success. We can Manifest and Create a Future without past fears. This class is designed to teach you how to use the Theta brainwave in the highest way to ensure your success. Gratitude is the key to this process. Join us and let’s make 2012 your year to shine!

To change your life, email me at LynAyre@telus.net and visit http://www.lynayre.com/ for further details.

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