Sunday, November 22, 2009

ThetaHealing™ Basic DNA2 Course

The Basic DNA2 ThetaHealing™ Course teaches the student how to connect to (Creator of All That Is / Source Energy / God / Allah / whomever is your Highest Power) on the Seventh Plane of Existence through a meditative process.

By accessing the God Power and going deep into Theta brain waves, the practitioner can then do intuitive body scans, readings, teachings, downloads of feelings, healings, belief work, and clearings. You are taught about each of the seven planes, and how to do Angelic connections, Guide connections, reclaim soul fragments, DNA reconnections, clearing of radiation, genetic corrections, group healings, distant healing techniques, over-the-phone techniques, develop and enrich your psychic abilities, manifest your deepest desires, and experience unconditional love moving through your body, healing as it goes.

Energy Testing is taught and, using those techniques, we can learn where these outworn beliefs are residing, whether it be on the Core, Genetic, History, or Soul level and request a clearing from there. You will also learn how to do ‘feelings downloads’ so that your client will have access to feelings they’ve never experienced before. A powerful healing occurs as a result of this alone.

At the end of this three-day seminar, you will be a Basic Practitioner of ThetaHealing. All participants receive an official certificate. Photos will be taken at this graduation ceremony.

It is asked that the participants refrain from using commercial synthetic perfumes and strongly scented bath and beauty products ie: hairspray.

There are no pre-requisites for this course. I ask that you bring an open mind, a willingness to learn and to heal, and a belief in a Power greater than yourself (whether you call that God, Creator, Allah, Buddha, or any other name, is up to you). Sometimes, we have moments when, though we do believe, we have lost our faith and think that, even though it works for everyone else, it won’t work for us, or we don’t feel we deserve to heal for whatever reason. Sometimes, we just hope with all our hearts that there is something out there that will help us but we don’t put a name to it. No matter, come anyway and we’ll go from wherever you are on this subject.

Venue: Coquitlam, BC, Canada; exact location is dependent upon the number of students. If there are eight students, we can meet at Academy of Energy Healing. If there are more than eight, there are two hotels close by that have large meeting rooms.

Please ensure Registration at least two weeks in advance so we can determine a place.

Financial Investment: $500.00; A non-refundable deposit of $150.00 is required at the time of Registration. If you cannot attend this class, your deposit can be used towards the next Basic Course. Watch for an Early Bird Date to pay in full and receive a 10% discount, which brings the tuition down to $450.00.
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