Sunday, November 22, 2009

ThetaHealing™ Advanced DNA Course

The Advanced DNA ThetaHealing™ Course teaches you more about the Seven Planes of Existence. We will go deeper into the three R’s of regret, resentment, and rejection. We will connect to a plant, an ancestor, non-organic matter, send healing to an animal, and to our Higher Self. You will be released from past oaths, vows, promises, commitments, and other negative ties and cords that bind you. You will experience multiple downloads of feelings and teachings from Creator, which will illuminate and heal you on many levels. You will have more head space for creative and productive projects and thoughts that are constructive rather than always thinking and running the same old programs. You will learn how to ‘dig’ for the underlying belief that supports multiple other levels of belief; and when that one goes, they all go. You will learn how to clear free-floating memories, send love to the ‘baby in the womb’, heal a broken soul, speak to and ask questions of the Higher Self, and heal from several planes at once. We are always reminded that ‘if healing happens, it happens through us not by us’. God is doing the healing.

At the end of this three-day seminar, you will be an Advanced Practitioner of ThetaHealing. All participants receive an official certificate. Photos will be taken at this graduation ceremony.

It is asked that the participants refrain from using commercial synthetic perfumes and strongly scented bath and beauty products ie: hairspray.

The pre-requisite for this course is the Basic DNA Course. It is recommended you read “ThetaHealing” by Vianna Stibal as well as “When Science Meets Spirit” by Brent Phillips before the course commences.

Venue: Coquitlam; exact location is dependent upon the number of students. If there are eight students, we can meet at Academy of Energy Healing. If there are more than eight, there are two hotels close by that have large meeting rooms.

Please ensure Registration at least two weeks in advance so we can determine a place.

Financial Investment: $500.00; A non-refundable deposit of $150.00 is required to hold your place in the class at time of Registration. If you cannot attend this class, your deposit can be used towards the next Advanced Course.

Watch for the Early Bird Date so you can pay in full and receive a 10% discount, which brings the tuition to $450.00.

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