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ThetaHealing™ - Deep and Permanent Energy Shifts

What is ThetaHealing™?
I’ve heard it said that ThetaHealing™ is like ‘prayer on steroids’. I wouldn’t argue with that. It is much more, though. It's more like applied quantum physics. When the practitioner enters the Theta-state, he or she can access the Quantum Field and connect to the Creator of All That Is. The command is made and the practitioner then becomes a witness to the healing of the client's issue/s. Healed but not cured.pdf
ThetaHealing is not a religion rather it is a spiritual practice of focussed prayer and meditation. We will be working in quantum field, delving into psychic practices, and exploring spiritual healing.
ThetaHealing will not interfere with anyone’s religious practices. Anyone of any religion, or no particular religion, can enjoy using ThetaHealing for wellness. All that is asked to make a beginning is a belief in a God of your understanding.
The Highest Spiritual Energy that we can imagine is referred to in the ThetaHealing manuals and books as ‘The Creator of All That Is’. There are many streams that flow into the river that is ThetaHealing. You can call this highest spiritual energy by the name that you are comfortable with whether it is Allah, Buddha, Creator, God, Jesus, Mother/Father/God, The Creative Source of the Universe, The Father, The Source, The Spirit of the Universe, Yahweh, and so on.
This technique provides a way to be consciously in Theta brain waves and thereby facilitate clients in their healings. While in a Theta state, we are able to connect with the subconscious mind of the client (or ourselves). The conscious mind comprises 10% and the subconscious 90%. Science has proven that most of what happens to us is stored in this area of our mind. Theta Practitioners cycle between Theta and Gamma brain waves during a session.
In life, we become aware and learn about an inner conundrum, which is completely baffling, where the conscious mind says one thing and we end up doing quite another. For instance, have you ever told yourself that you weren’t going to have that other piece of cake and then ate it anyway? Have you ever said you were not going to drink, smoke, do drugs, go out with that guy/girl, have that kind of person as your boss again, and then immediately went and did it and wondered why? The answer is this, we consciously know what is good for us but we are at odds with ourselves subconsciously (below the level of consciousness) and so we do what we have always done as we are at a loss to change our subconscious behavior.
Let’s say we want to stop smoking… consciously, we know it is not in our best and highest good to smoke and we know we would feel a lot better if we stopped (not to mention the money we would have for other things). So, we decide to stop; we’re really firm about it; nothing is going to stand in our way; we make numerous affirmations surrounding it. The next morning, we light up and are confounded by our own behavior.
Our habits are what drive us. Our Ku, as it is called in Huna Shamanism, is always moving towards pleasure and away from pain. So we run our program of “I am a smoker” and light another cigarette, all the while thinking “What am I doing? I must be weak. I have no stuff. I can’t even be honest with myself.” and our self-esteem plummets.
In ThetaHealing™, we remove these unwanted scripts and re-engineer the mind with programs you want to run by your own choice rather than the ones that are running through habit. Theta is empowering to you, the individual. It is truly transformational.
There are many branches to the ThetaHealing™ tree: body scanning, healings, readings, belief work, energy testing, DNA activation, Gene repair, download of feelings, and contacting spiritual helpers for one’s client. Some or all of these aspects can comprise a ThetaHealing™ session, depending on the needs of the client at that time.

Brain Waves Graph
Theta brain waves cycle at 4-7 per second and indicates a state of being drowsy or sleepy. A Theta practitioner cycles between Theta and Gamma, which is 31 + cps (cycles per second)
Below I've included my acronyms that I have created to be able to remember each brain wave and what it means.

Beta ‘Busily Engaged (in) Thought Analysis’ brainwaves are characterized by logical, analytical and intellectual thinking, verbal communication, and acute awareness of one’s surroundings.
Alpha ‘Almost Lulled; Present, Happy, Aware’ brainwaves most commonly occur when we are calm and relaxed, yet mentally alert. These brainwaves are also present during meditation, some forms of energy healing, and daydreaming.
Theta ‘This Healing Energy Touches All’ brainwaves are characterized by being deeply relaxed and inwardly focused. It is also called Threshold Consciousness - that lovely place between being asleep and being awake where all things are possible. This brainwave state is also associated with rapid learning and the assimilation of new information with high retention, heightened motivation to activate goals, bursts of creativity insight, and new behavior patterns. It is often part of a Gamma/Theta cycle as in the healing modality called ThetaHealing where the practitioner rapidly cycles between these two brain wave patterns.
Delta ‘Deeply Entering Low Task Activity’ brainwaves are associated with being extremely relaxed, characterized by deep dreamless sleep.
Gamma ‘God And Man Manifesting All’ brainwaves; this state is active when we are learning or processing new information. When we are setting intentions and manifesting, we use visualization in this gamma state.

Who is Vianna Stibal?
Plagued with a medical condition that, according to her doctor, would leave her without a leg, Vianna set about an intense cleansing, praying to the Creator of All That Is for a healing. After two cases of facilitating instant healings on others, she prayed for herself and was graced with full good health immediately. Medical tests proved that the lymphatic cancer was indeed gone and she was healed. Years later, her X-rays were shown to a bone specialist who proclaimed that ‘surely, the owner of this leg must be long dead!’ Instead, Vianna Stibal is alive and well and continuing on in her work to share the ThetaHealing™ technique with those who want to learn this uniquely incredible healing modality. When I took my teacher training in Idaho, I saw the two Xrays and it is truly amazing to view the difference in the bone.

Why should I have a ThetaHealing™ session? Which areas of life can be healed with ThetaHealing™?
The list of reasons is endless and quite unique to the individual. I tend to see people who have run out of options with issues surrounding the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual realms. If you have a situation that has not cleared with other modalities, perhaps ThetaHealing™ will work for you. It did for me. I was in acute and constant pain from my back (a chronic condition that had been with me for decades), and a leg injury I suffered last year. My RMT said my back felt like cement, the muscle were so tight. It was affecting every part of my life. I tried various therapies for years - both allopathic and energy medicine. It all helped for a while but nothing was permanent. When I was at the end of my rope and willing to make the change, ThetaHealing™ was the answer to my prayers. It took a few sessions to realize a complete healing.
Now, since I’m not running those old programs, the other energy modalities work much better. I continue to sit each morning and do my Reiki self-healing and I can go deeper into that energy and the distant healing I send to others, as a result of my ThetaHealing™ connection.
When you come for a ThetaHealing™ session, I ask that you bring an open mind, a willingness to heal, and a belief in a Power greater than yourself (whether you call that God, Creator, Allah, Buddha, or any other name, it doesn’t matter). Sometimes, we have moments when, though we do believe, we have lost our faith and think that, even though it works for every one out there, it won’t work for us, or we don’t feel we deserve to heal for whatever reason. Sometimes, we just hope with all our hearts that there is something out there that will help us but we don’t put a name to it. No matter, book an appointment anyway and we’ll go from wherever you are on this subject.
I have been in service to many people with various issues: earache, sinusitis, full of fear, job loss, Parkinson’s, grief, career issues, diabetes, lupus, MS, arthritis, tight muscles, severe and chronic pain, muscle weakness, allergies, clutter, cancer, breathlessness, fear of driving on snow, bad habits, can’t say NO, and so on, and the result was always the same – the issue cleared and they are free to go ahead and live their best life. It is not me doing the healing. If healing happens, it happens through me not by me. It is the Creator of All That Is that is doing the healing. ThetaHealing™ is multidimensional and works on all levels of being and belief.

Where can ThetaHealing™ take me in life?
Being free of pain, addictions, phobias, habits, outworn beliefs, and full of energy, hope, and promise, one can go anywhere and do anything one wants… back to school, entrepreneur, more of ourselves to give to our family, friends, employer, and community. There’s nothing inside yourself to stop you from doing what you want. You are free. It all starts with you.
Come or Call and have a chat about what is bothering you. A ThetaHealing™ practitioner is not a counselor, per se, for financial, sexual, marital, or business matters. You should seek a professional in these specific areas for those issues. We do not diagnose, advise, or prescribe. We simply go to the Creator of All That Is with your issue/s and know that the healing is done. And so it is.

Energy Testing
During the course of our appointment, I will be testing your energy on various beliefs you are holding to see which ones are holding you back and which way we should take the session.

Core, Genetic, History, and Soul belief work
We work on all levels of belief to facilitate a complete, thorough, and permanent healing.
Download of feelings
Some people have never felt certain feelings in their whole life so they cannot manifest them for themselves. A ThetaHealing™ practitioner can download these feelings into the subconscious mind. Nothing is ever done that you do not agree to. All parts of the appointment are for your highest good, as we partner to get you back to balance once again.
Contact of Spiritual Helpers
If you would like to know which (if any) spiritual helpers are around you at this time, going up to ask God is a good way to find out. ThetaHealing™ can connect you to Spirit Guides, Angels, and other guardians of the higher realms.

Distant Sessions
ThetaHealing™ works very well over the phone. You need to ensure you are in a place where you will not be disturbed for an hour or so. After processing the payment, I will connect with you to make an appointment. You can have your notes ready of the things that are bothering you and what you would like to work on. I can do the entire session remotely and it is very effective.
Distant Healing
At any time, you can request to be added to my healing list and I will send you unconditional love from the Creator of All That Is every morning when I wake up and connect.
ThetaHealing™ Practice Group
*At Academy of Energy Healing in Coquitlam, BC.
*All ThetaHealing™ Practitioners are welcome to come and practice energy testing, doing belief work, digging, and downloading feelings.
*This session is private and open only to those who have taken training with a
Certified ThetaHealing™ instructor.
*Please read and bring along your book "ThetaHealing-Go Up and Seek God-
Go Up and Work With God". Write out your questions and queries before you come.
*Also bring: water, pen and paper, and a list of issues you want to work on.
ThetaHealing practice sessions are $10.00
2009 ThetaHealing Practice Schedule 7-9 pm
Aug 11 Sep 8 Oct 13 Nov 10 Dec 8

ThetaHealing™ Training
Those of you in Canada and the US who invite me to teach in your area, may partake in a unique incentive program. Please email for details.

Basic DNA2 Course:
August 28/29/30, 2009 or September 25/26/27, 2009 $500.00
Tuition includes Vianna Stibal's ThetaHealing Basic Manual; optional listing on her practitioner listing, and the book "ThetaHealing". Register by Aug 12th or Sep 9th to receive a 10% Discount

Advanced DNA2 Course:
Pre-requisite: Basic DNA course
October 30/31 Nov 1st, 2009 $500.00
Tuition includes the Vianna Stibal's ThetaHealing Advanced Manual, optional listing on her practitioner listing, and the book "Advanced ThetaHealing"
Register by Oct 14th to receive a 10% Discount
Theta Advanced DNA Class Information
ThetaHealing Advanced Poster Oct.pdf

Manifesting & Abundance Course:
Pre-requisite: Basic and Advanced DNA courses.
November 21/22, 2009 $475.00
Tuition includes the Vianna Stibal's ThetaHealing Manifesting & Abundance Manual, optional listing on her practitioner listing, and the "Manifesting from the Seventh Plane" CD

Nelson Mandella said it best:
“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness, that frightens us most. We ask ourselves, ‘Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, and famous?’ Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that people won’t feel insecure around you. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It’s not just in some of us; it’s in all of us. And when we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.”

Kind words
1. We did a lot of work around issues of and beliefs about grief. There were many questions and things that came up that we energy tested for. She felt so much better after just one session (most people come for 3-5 sessions). (my first one-hour phone session) Here is her comment.
Hi, Lyn
The Theta was amazing. When I was saying my prayers this morning (two days later) something did happen. My train of thought on my prayers left and everything that I'd put forward for an answering come rumbling through my head in like a second for each one. It was like a rush, like something was there and then back, replaced by the next. When they all finished I was able to concentrate back on my prayers. It was the strangest feeling. I feel great. JC
2. These clients really wanted to make a clean start in their life, so they were able to stop smoking pot and then came to see me a week later to relieve their cravings and deal with the issues that caused them to want to continue to smoke pot for all those years. They sent a testimonial for me to share...
Hi, Lyn, Here's what we want to say...
When we first met with Lyn, my husband and I had just quit smoking marijuana. We have smoked for many years and although we have stopped before we knew we needed help to stay off it once and for all. I was concerned that we would have difficulty after such a long time and at the first sign of stress it would make us return to our addiction. I was also worried about the mood swings that have manifested during past attempts.
We each had a private session with Lyn, who was always caring and non-judgmental. Lyn has a way of making you feel safe and loved. She gave us good advice and tips to use throughout the first crucial days and weeks ahead.
Amazingly, both my husband and I haven’t smoked since. Although there are moments we think about it, there hasn’t been any really bad cravings. The emotions do crop up however not as severely as I had anticipated.
I truly believe the ThetaHealing session helped us deal with withdrawal symptoms as well as get to the crux of the matter involved why we were addicted in the first place.
I can’t even remember the last time I thought of needing to smoke. Thank you Lyn for supporting us and making us feel safe and respected during and after our session.
3. Since we only had a few minutes left in our visit (and my friend had said she would like to experience Theta before she left), I asked her what was the one thing that bothered her the most. She told me it was her inability to stay on task and keep uncluttered. I downloaded feelings of being clutter-free, organized, and focused. This was on the Saturday morning.
Hi Lyn,
You know I felt a HUGE shift yesterday (Tuesday) in that I am now clearing away things and not procrastinating about them anymore. If I drop anything it is picked up and put in its rightful place, the kitchen is tidy. I have done the dishes as I go along (even though we have a dishwasher, some I do by hand), amazing I cannot believe it, thought I should let you know anyway, the de-cluttering has started with gusto. EA
4. After my husband’s surgery, he gave me carte blanche to send distant healing, so I took full advantage. I daily downloaded feelings of ‘what it feels like to be pain free and fully mobile’ and that worked very well. He was off all pain-meds and up-and-about in record time.
This ‘eating issue’ really put a scare into me as he lost 15 pounds in only two weeks. I decided to download feelings of ‘what it feels like to have the appetite and desire for healthy nutritious food’. The very next day, he began to improve.
Lyn asked me to write about this experience, for the record:
After a recent colon resection due to a colon cancer, I lost all appetite for food. At first, I put it down to hospital food but after about 5 days at home I still had no appetite and could barely cram down a quarter cup of cereal in the morning, half a sandwich at lunch, and a minimal supper.
I was becoming quite worried. I got on the scale and discovered that I had lost 15 pounds. Next morning when I got up, I discovered to my surprise that the sight of food was no longer repulsive to me. I ate about a cup of cereal with milk, for lunch I had almost a full sandwich and enjoyed a cup of tea, and at dinner I ate about 3/4 of my normal meal size.
At this time, my wife, Lyn revealed that she had done a Theta Healing download for me the previous night to restore my appetite. Over the next couple of days my appetite returned to normal and has been no problem since. Over the past 2 weeks I have regained a few pounds and I feel my strength returning. Once again, I have the drive to do things. NA
5. This client described feelings of being frustrated and overwhelmed as she had a hard time saying ‘no’ to doing extra shifts at work. I downloaded feelings of ‘what it feels like to say ‘no’ in a firm yet respectful way, and feel okay with that.’ A week later, I asked her how it was going…
Hi Lyn
I was thinking about it the other day, wondering if any changes were happening - I believe they are. I did say ‘no’ to some extra shifts for the month of April - I only took 2. So that's a start. RB
6. Upon hearing that Norm was experiencing shortness of breath upon the slightest exertion, I did a download for him to remember what it felt like to be full of energy, have a regular heartbeat, and be able to do his normal duties. This is what happened for my husband Norm...
...I recently experienced extreme breathlessness and light-headedness after minor exertion. Concerned, I saw my doctor who ordered x-rays, blood work, an ECG, and a visit to a heart specialist for a stress test.
The tests yielded nothing and the specialist said except for a slightly slow heartbeat nothing seemed awry. All very well, but the breathlessness continued until one day I came home from work and told Lyn that I had not experienced any symptoms that day. Lyn then told me that she had done a Theta download for me the previous night. It’s now been two weeks since I had any symptoms.
The downloads also worked to restore my appetite after surgery and to counter the side effects of chemotherapy. Thank you Lyn.
Love, Norman
7. My husband had a strong feeling that he would not survive without chemo-therapy and I honored that. For the last nine months, since I received my ThetaHealing training, I have been doing downloads of feelings and healing work for my husband Norm every day. It has been a privilege to be of service to him in this way. Theta has helped him through all the tough times he had to endure due to the chemo. He is now not only free of cancer but also free of the side-effects, being full of life and vigor.

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