Monday, June 30, 2008

Balancing The Imbalances

It is my belief that we become ill due to an imbalance in the body. These imbalances come about through:

1. A diet lacking in the daily intake of nutrients and phyto-nutrients

We need a variety of fresh, live foods and herbs every day. Allow yourself a sweet treat once a week and thoroughly embrace and enjoy it with no guilt.

2. Lack of physical movement

Take yourself out for a walk every day for at least 20-30 minutes. The benefits of this one act are amazing and I hope that, at the end of a month, you’ll be able to tell me all about it. Do one better for yourself and go dancing on a regular basis.

3. Not enough water

We need at least 2 quarts of water daily to nourish our cells and clear out waste products. Tea, coffee, soda, and juice do not do this. Juice is good if it is fresh but don’t count it as part of your water intake, and it is very high in sugar.

4. Not enough rest and sleep

Being able to stretch out and relax is one of the most important blessings to our overall well-being. Retiring at a time that will ensure we get seven to eight hours of sleep each night is a key to healthy living. If an opportunity presents itself to have a nap, take it and enjoy the luxury of being peaceful with your self. It seems so simple but it is vital to your life.

5. Improper breathing

Most people ‘shoulder breathe’ and the breath may make it only to the breast bone; we need to take our breath down into our power centre about an inch below the navel.

6. Limited evacuation of waste matter

Each day we need to sit in the washroom at around the same time and relax each muscle involved in the process of elimination. We can say prayers, read spiritual literature, chant OM, or whatever it takes to relax our bowels and allow free-flow of that energy.

7. Feelings of being disconnected from ourselves, our loved ones, our neighbours, our planet, our Spiritual Being

Make a connection to someone you love every day. Ensure you have a good uplifting or funny story to tell them to make their spirits soar with laughter and joy. You will feel wonderful when you do this – like you are ‘a part of’ the life around you. You will attract great people and keep the friends you already have.

8. Enormous amounts of stress

We live in a 24/7 world and we all feel like we are the most important one and that things cannot get along without us. As well as putting your e-connections to bed by a reasonable hour, so you can watch a good movie, take yourself out of the game one day a week. Do something for your self – shop, lunch with a friend, personal grooming, drive in the country – whatever it is that will nourish you on all four levels of being: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.

9. Lack of tools to deal with stress

Take a course in meditation, Reiki, balancing your Chakras. There are lots to choose from, such as: Tai Ch’i, Reflexology, Sound Healing, Crystals, etc…Continue, develop, and/or explore the topic of hobbies. Make a list of those that interest you and begin your research, finding ones that really resonate with you and feed your Inner Child.

10. Irregular clearing and balancing of the energy field

Develop a relationship with an Energy Worker and see that person regularly. It is suggested to go twice a week for two weeks then every two weeks for two times, then once a month for maintenance. This protocol (these six sessions) will generally clear up those daily, bothersome, and chronic situations, and regular sessions will keep your energy system clear and strong.

As individuals, there is a lot we can do for ourselves. When we do for ourselves, we empower our life with hope, gratitude, peace, and joy. We begin to harmonize the dense energies that have been created through unbalanced living.

Life still happens; devastating illness, which had been already set in motion through years of unhealthy choices, may still come to us. By following these simple remedies for healthier living, we will better be able to ‘survive and thrive’ through most of what life has to offer in a serene and grateful manner.

Taking a regular inventory of our wonderful and attractive qualities is a good daily practice, as is doing a ‘gratitude list’ for that which we receive each day and hold dear to our hearts: our family, friends, home, food & water, overcoming a fault, doing something a better way… there is always a lot for which to be grateful.

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  1. I was so amazed to see just this entry alone related to so many things in my life. I am new to blogging,journaling,feeds etc. But I am trying to do this as a way of relaxing and meditation and a way to learn more about myself. Thank You for your posts and for your website. I hope to make it to the next crystals classes. Blessings. Joan