Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Working Together

...an interview with a nursing student...

I'm always happy to help those who are learning and striving towards becoming more of who they are in the world. Often, I have been contacted by someone who has a specific project in mind. This interview is the result of an assignment given to a nursing student a while back. Here are her questions for me:

1. How do you define energy?
It is the subtle body that surrounds and protects the physical one. Energy is made of atomic and sub-atomic particles that exist all around us. Every culture has its own term for it: Ch’i, Manna, Prana, Ki, Qi, and Ka. It’s the link between our perception of our inner and outer worlds. It’s the glue of our spirit, our body, and our mind. It’s what animates us and keeps us warm, directing all of our movements. The entire universe is made from this energy. Quantum Theory holds that all reality consists of energy fields and that 99.9999% is space rather than what we know of as solid matter. Quantum theorists say that when these energy fields cross, there is evidence of a momentary creation of particles (or matter). According to Pagels, a noted authority on the subject, there isn’t anything else other than these sets of energy fields.

2. Where does healing energy come from?
When a person is trained in Energy Healing, they are taught to connect to the Highest Source of energy available. Generally, that is considered to be God (or whatever you want to call it). Through a specific protocol, a connection is made as the ‘healer’ moves their ego aside and allows the energy to flow through them. If the client has a place that needs this healing energy, they will draw it into themselves. The ‘healer’ does not put energy into the client. If healing happens, it happens through the healer, not by them.

3. Why does someone decide to see an Energy Healer or Energy Worker?
What I see in my practice is that Western Medicine has done all they can for a person re curing the disease or treating the condition but often there are gaps that have not been addressed. For example: a physician can cut out a cancer and treat the body with chemo and radiation therapy. The patient is then called ‘cured’ and sent home to ‘just live with it’, the doctor saying they’ve done all they can. But the person has other issues like: they are not interested in food because everything tastes metallic; they have residual pain at the incision site or elsewhere; they cannot sleep due to drug treatments; they are ticked off at their body because they did everything right but they still got sick; they are frightened because – what if it comes back? – how will they handle that? – what will they do then? and so on. This is where Energy Healing shines.
Reiki is great for pain management as it induces a state of deep relaxation in the body. This, in turn, causes the body to step-up its innate healing ability (we truly are amazing creatures). Meridian Tapping Techniques can work on the mental and emotional components of having a life-altering disease or condition and keep the meridians free from dense energies. It is like acupuncture less the needles. The Practitioner uses their fingers to tap on the meridian end-points. Sound Healing resets the vibration of the cells within the body. And, let’s not forget about the healing that comes from just talking and sharing with someone who really cares about your well-being in a Holistic way and devotes a great amount of one-on-one time to your personal care. In our busy world, we are sometimes dehumanized at our most vulnerable time. These are only a few of the ways that Energy healing can help. So, when people are at the end of their allopathic care, they can see an Energy worker and tie up those loose ends. Energy healing is also preventative as it works in the energy field and can harmonize dense energies that may be heading into the physical body. It relieves acute stress and offers alternatives to chronic stress. It works hand in hand with all other treatments that a person goes through and is not contra-indicated to any treatment.

4. How does your kind of energy work support personal growth?
When a person feels well, they are much more likely to want to take their life to the next level, up and away from the ‘let’s just get through this day’ phase. Through Life Coaching and/or ThetaHealing, one can set goals and orient themselves into a particular stream of being in the world. Working on the beliefs that are holding outworn behaviors in place, and using energy testing to prove the results, is very effective. Having someone to share dreams and desires with is supportive to personal growth.

5. What kind of training did you have to do before you could practice? How many years did you train?
Personally, I have been involved in Energy Healing for over 35 years. Seldom a year has gone by that I have not taken one or more courses. I am certified in over three dozen modalities, at the moment. I have held certificates in a few dozen other modalities that I no longer practice. Certification is different for every course of work one takes on. In each case, there is attendance at a class, seminar, or workshop (length of the courses vary depending on the content) (sometimes the course can be taken through correspondence). There is a training period where one does projects, assignments, and so on. Often, case studies need to be done so one gains proficiency in the technique. There may be an examination (possibly by a Board). Afterward, one can join a governing body or professional association and sign off on their Code of Ethics and Teacher’s Guidelines. One can also avail themselves of Professional Indemnity Insurance to cover any unknown incidents that may happen during their career. I have done all of this over the years. I have since earned a Ph.D. in Energy Healing. There is an article on my Aura Wellness page at lynayre.com called How I Earned My Ph.D. that you can read if you are interested or want further information about how I did this.

6. Did you see someone for some kind of ongoing energy work?
Yes, throughout my life, I have enjoyed many kinds of energy work and can see the value in it. I continue to blend both the Eastern Philosophy of Energy Healing and the Western Allopathic offerings, as needed.

7. What is the client’s role in the process of their work?
If there is no willingness to heal, nothing much will happen – it will just be a nice relaxing session. The client needs to be willing to make the shift into wellness on all levels of being and fully participate in their own healthcare. Energy Healing is no more magical than Allopathic Western care. You can’t just come in for one session and expect a miracle to occur same as you can’t expect to take just one antibiotic capsule expecting the infection to clear up. We didn’t get this way overnight so we won’t get better overnight either. Consistent and conscious effort and commitment is required.

8. What is your favorite method of Holistic Healing that you enjoy doing the most? And why?
I find value in all of them that it is impossible to choose just one. Each modality addresses a specific concern and I wouldn’t be without any of them.

9. How did you decide to become a part of Holistic Healing?
I’ve been a part of this since I was 22 years old. It is part of my spiritual way of life that offers natural solutions from the natural world. I cannot imagine a world that doesn’t offer me choices in my own healthcare. I have a lovely doctor who supports my efforts to help myself and keep myself whole. He knows he is just one man with part of the solution. Together we can treat the whole person – curing and healing.

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