Friday, November 9, 2007

Spirit Meditation

Spirit Meditation

“Spirit eludes our attempts to explain and define it because it is a dimension beyond beginnings and endings, beyond boundaries, beyond symbols, beyond form itself.” Wayne Dyer

No matter what we call it, whether it be God, Spirit, Creator, Source, Buddha, Allah, Christ, Source, All That Is, it still is. Let us leave semantics to those who want to spend their time that way. We have come together to learn about this Force for Good in the World and how we can use it to help ourselves and others.

Make yourself comfortable and close your eyes. Breathe at a rate that is right for you.

Feel the rhythm of your Physical body as your heart beats, your lungs expand and contract, your blood pumps through your veins. Take a deep breath in and hold, and release. Take a moment now to say a prayer of gratitude to your body.

Feel the loving caress of your Etheric body as it moves with you every step of the way, each and every day. Beginning at the top of your head, check your energy body over and make a note of any anomalies. Give thanks to your health aura for guarding you against disease. Strengthen this body with White Light through your intention.

Feel the richness of your Emotional body as it records all of the energetic events that happen in your daily round: the solidity of grounding to Gaia, the thrill of victory over temptation, the peace of understanding and acceptance, and the joy of Spiritual connection. This is the colour in your life. Consistently raise your energy to the highest level you can and keep this body clear from the past and for the future. Feel blessed.

Feel the activity of your Mental body as communication from higher sources comes in and enlivens your thought-life. You can take these mental images and, through INSPIRATION, IMAGINATION, INTUITION, and INTENTION manifest them into your daily life. Clear out any debris in the form of entitlement, resentment, prejudice, anger, and worry. Feel that gentle breeze of peace sweep through and fill your higher mind with the freedom to co-create with the Universe.
Feel the vastness of your Spiritual body as you begin to float in the arms of God. Allow yourself to be. Be Calm. Be Joy. Be Light. Be Love. Be Peace. Be Spirit. Be Free.

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