Thursday, November 15, 2007

Meditation in a Minute

I have to go grocery shopping today. This is not one of my favorite chores. But, alas, it must be done. Thank goodness I have re-discovered the pleasure of just phasing out—you know, that thing that babies can do at the drop of the hat. Their eyes glaze over and they are just gone, gone, gone.
The process is simple. Appear to others as if you are trying to decide which item (on a lower shelf) to put in your cart. In reality, you are off on a mindless journey for a minute or so. On closer inspection, your eyes would appear relaxed and unfocused. Then you can go about your shopping feeling refreshed.
Another easy way to get to the relax-zone, especially in the grocery store line-up, is to simply gaze at something at the end of your cart, like the box of cereal. Put your foot up on the lower bar. Lean your body on the hand-hold. Now, just relax your vision and allow your mind and body to rest a minute.
When we are required to stop and wait in life, we can use these spare moments to relax, release, and renew ourselves. Life no longer needs to be a toe-tapping time-watching endurance event.
We might even become so relaxed that we temporarily lose our mind and actually speak to the person beside us. A great opening question is, 'So, how is your day going?' Then we can relax further and listen to another's experience thereby helping them to feel better.

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