Tuesday, May 22, 2007

We live in a sea of Ch’i

We live in a sea of Ch’i. We are surrounded by energy and every thought, word, feeling, and deed, that has ever been, is in this sea, this ocean of energy that surrounds us.

Sometimes a thought will enter our mind and we have no idea where it comes from. It comes from the Akasha where everything is stored. This thought enters our mind, just out of the blue (literally), and we begin to toy with it. For example, let’s say that years ago a friend borrowed our garden rake and did not return it. We feel resentful and that thought is recorded in Akasha – this sea of Ch’i. Here we are years later and this thought comes to mind, and we think, ‘Yeah, that guy didn’t return my garden rake.’ The more we think of this, the more it settles in and becomes a feeling – an e-motion – energy in motion. Now we feel angry and begin to think about all the things that have been borrowed from us and not returned. This happens because ‘like attracts like’; energy flows where attention goes, and if we are feeling resentful we will attract more resentments. Ever notice that?

So, our tummy starts to churn, our breathing becomes more shallow, and our mind becomes consumed with unpleasant thoughts. We are now being affected physically by this one stray thought. This is the process that we go through time and again when we are not watchful of our thoughts.

The same thing happens with physical pain. We feel a twinge and say to our selves, ‘oh, what was that?’ and we focus our attention on it for a time. Before long, we have a throbbing knee, or elbow, or head. We need to learn to not build bridges of energy to that which we don’t want.

Just know that we are not our thoughts, we are not our feelings, and we are definitely not our pain. All of these are like waves on the ocean. They come in and they go. Crest and recede. It’s the thoughts, feelings, and sensations that we decide to give safe harbour to that may cause us a problem.

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