Monday, September 6, 2010

Clutter Clouds Clarity

When we live with clutter, our focus is diffused – a little bit over here; a little bit over there. This diverts the energy and attention that we could be putting into our intention and actions, manifesting that which we desire and/or need in our lives.

When we look around us at that which is broken, unfinished, unused, unwanted, and unloved, we feel overwhelmed by it all, which sets in a feeling of inertia and depression.

When we clear clutter, both literally and figuratively, the mind is freed, the heart is lightened, and a cool refreshing breeze sweeps through our homes and our heads allowing us to feel lighter and brighter than before. We can then bring all of ourselves to the task at had.

In Feng Shui, there are five elements; and the way these elements are arranged in a room accounts for a prosperous flow of environmental Ch’i, or not.

In 2005, when Norm was building the healing centre, I was out buying ‘stuff’ for it. This was all piled up in bags in the corner of the office, and some of it was dispersed around the house.
The minute he said the centre was open, I began gratefully placing these items around the healing room and then did a cleansing on the room, opening the Aura Wellness Centre with a special ritual.

Moving these items resulted in ‘odd open spaces’ about the house. There was one of these odd spaces at the front door where the fountain had been. I put a plant there to even out the design. Although it looked good, it had a devastating effect on my business and on abundance in general.
Where I had been getting several clients and students calling or coming each week, I had none. It was shocking. Here we had just opened our special healing room and no one was coming! What was going on?

A week later, I received my Feng Shui course and began to work through it. I was reviewing a chart in the manual that literally galvanized me into action.

The Creative Cycle of the Five Elements: Water (north) nourishes Wood (west), which fuels Fire (south), which creates Earth (centre), which houses Metal (east), which holds Water. So, if you place a water element in the north of your home, that will hold the space and allow fresh Ch’i to come in. When I took away the fountain (water) and put a plant there (wood) it effectively ‘dammed’ the flow of incoming Ch’i.

There was an easy fix but my husband thought I’d gone mad indeed! When I realized what I had done, I quickly went around the room and fixed all the elements, as well as putting back the fountain, which I'd made at a pottery class, at the front door.

Within 90 minutes of this exercise, the phone started ringing. This was at nine o’clock at night. By bedtime, I’d booked all three levels of Reiki, a group of four students for EFT, and a crystal student. That was Easter weekend and we had gone out to eat a family and friend’s both nights. Each time, we had ham and the hostess sent us home with the hambone to make soup – abundance. I’d hired a neighbour to make eight more pairs of knitted booties (my students love to wear these on their feet. It always reminds them of their Mom or Grandma or the like, hence putting them at ease right away.) – more abundance.

This kept on going for nine (9 is the number of completion) days. Amazing. This was my firsthand lesson in how wonderfully valid Feng Shui is. I still feel the same way about it today.

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