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We Don't End At Our Skin

Being Human
We are multi-dimensional, multi-faceted, bio-chemical beings of flesh, bone, and sinew, activated by a complex system of chemicals that circulate throughout our body and we are surrounded by an electro-magnetic force field called an aura, which has several layers. We don’t end at our skin.

Our journey cycles from Soul Star to Earth Star and back again. In between, we travel through the Seven Arenas for Growth.

The SoulStar, which is a foot or so above the head, brings in spiritual energy in the form of gold and white rays of light from the spiritual realm. This is a place where we first come into being. This Chakra carries our purpose for being born into this life. This is where we physically separate from All That Is and take on human form, though we always remain aware, at some level, of our inherent divinity. Lesson: Integrate your self. Honor Spirit.

The EarthStar, which is a foot or so below our feet, brings in earth energy in the form of black, brown, or tan waves of light and connects us to the earth. This is where we root ourselves in order to proclaim our intention and ground our purpose for being here in this space at this time. By developing this Chakra, we achieve a sense of feeling grounded and stable. We acquire an affinity for Mother Earth and experience a sense of protection for Her. Lesson: We are all connected. Honor Gaia.

Chakra System
Chakras are energy vortexes that bring in raw Ch'i from the surrounding air and refine it into something our body can use. Chakras are located very close to the endocrine gland and nerve plexus they serve. They provide life-animating prana – subtle energy for our Be-ing.

Each of the seven major Chakras vibrates at a different frequency. To better understand this we can compare the different frequencies of vibration with the notes on a musical scale. (ie: the root Chakra resonates to the note C and so on up the scale.) The Chakras are also associated with the different colours in the spectrum of light. (ie: the root Chakra harmonizes with the colour red and so on up the spectrum of light.)

Think of this way: White Light Streams in the Crown Chakra and breaks down into the wavelengths of the light spectrum with violet being the shortest wave and red being the longest, just like a prism. Colour is a higher vibration of sound. For the root chakra, the keynote is C and the colour is red. C vibrates at 256.0 cycles per second or hertz. To get to the colour red, one would have to find the C note 41 octaves up the scale. We get there by doubling each number ie: 256 + 256 = 512; 512 + 512 = 1024; 1024 + 1024= 2048hz and so on, forty-one times.

Endocrine System
The endocrine system is a collection of glands that produce hormones that regulate our body’s growth, metabolism, and sexual development and function. The hormones are released into the bloodstream and transported to tissues and organs throughout our body. Hormones provide the chemical aspect to our Be-ing.

Nerve Plexus
A nerve plexus extends from the spinal column and is directly linked to the Sushumna, up which Kundalini energy rises, when it is activated (as in a Reiki attunement). It is a crossroads of spinal nerves and blood vessels; where they intersect. Nerve plexus provide the electrical aspect of our Be-ing.

Chakra, Indian Name, Associated Plexus, Endocrine Gland, Chakra Information, Lesson, Personal Development

Root Chakra, Muladhara, Coxygeal and Lumbar Plexus:
Adrenal glands – Divided into 2 regions; secrete hormones that influence the body's metabolism, blood chemicals, and body characteristics, as well as influence the part of the nervous system that is involved in the response and defence against stress.

The colour Red and the note C are associated with the Root. It deals with our tribal instincts, our ability to deal with our family, our fears related to our existence and death, our feelings of safety and security in our world. First Chakra is survival, vitality and grounding to physical life and rules the skeleton, legs, knees and feet. Lesson: We are all ONE. (O.N.E.= Organized Network of Energy.)

When we are born, we rely solely on our parents for our introduction to the earth plane. We depend on them to help us feel safe and secure in the world. We need them to nurture us and provide us with a solid foundation. Our family of birth, our feelings of safety and security in the world are all formed at this time. We are developing our Root Chakra and our home life is pertinent to our future progression.

Sacral Chakra, Svadhistana, Splenic and Sacral Plexus:
Ovaries and Testicles – Secrete hormones that influence female and male characteristics, respectively.

The colour Orange and the note D are associated with the Sacral. It deals with our experience of that which is different from us, our creativity, our sexuality, partnerships, modes of behaviors that destroy opportunities for successful relationships. Second Chakra is emotions, nurturing and shelter. Second Chakra rules the genitals, abdomen, and lower back. Lesson: Honor one another.

As we carve out our independence, we become more creative in our ventures. We colour, sing, dance, play, and act. We realize we are separate beings from our parents and we stretch our limits to the max, running away while our parents chase after us; laughing gleefully, testing our boundaries, making critical discoveries about the world around us and learning about ‘the other’. Our Sacral Chakra is expanding and learning what feels good.

Solar Plexus Chakra, Manipura, Solar Plexus:
Pancreas—Secretes a hormone (insulin) that controls the use of glucose by the body.

The colour Yellow and the note E are associated with the Solar Plexus. It deals with our own personal dynamics, our feelings of authority and self-confidence, turning our shadow self into gifts through our own wisdom. Third Chakra is thoughts and power systems. Third Chakra rules the liver, gall bladder, stomach, spleen and pancreas. Lesson: Honor yourself.

Our ‘self’ is being established. We are now discovering our place in the world, in our family, at school, at social and religious functions. We’re seeing how we fit in. We have strong opinions and aren’t afraid to voice them. We are acquiring knowledge about personal boundaries. We may have almost mastered something (ie: piano, jump rope or another skill) by this point and so we learn a feeling of authority on a particular subject.

Heart Chakra, Anahata, Cardiac and Brachial Plexus:
Thymus gland—along with the spleen, plays a role in the body's immune system.

The colours Green and the higher vibration of Pink along with the note F are associated with the Heart. It deals with our ability to love and to accept love, our availability to a loving relationship, feelings of gratitude, belief systems, devotions, our feelings of self-worth. Fourth Chakra is love, health and relationships. Fourth Chakra rules the heart, lungs, immune system, arms and hands. Lesson: LOVE is Divine Power. (L.O.V.E. = Light-workers Of Vibrational Energy)

Our heart is opening. We realize we love. Yes, we’d been saying it but now, we feel it with all our Be-ing. We love our parents, our siblings, maybe a few of our teachers, our minister and doctor, and our pets. We love so many that it feels like our heart will explode. Instead, we find it just keeps on expanding and allowing us to love more. We may develop our daily devotions, at this point. We feel gratitude for nature and begin working on our Earth Star. We most certainly have our own personal belief system established. We are, indeed, our own person.

Throat Chakra, Vishudda, Pharyngeal and Cervical Plexus:
Thyroid gland—Produces hormones that stimulate body heat production, bone growth, and the body's metabolism.

Parathyroid glands—Secrete a hormone that maintains the calcium level in the blood.

The colour Sky Blue and the note G are associated with the Throat. It deals with our verbal expression and inhibitions, our communications on every level - writing, speaking, singing, exchange of ideas through language. Fifth Chakra is communication and higher creativity. Fifth Chakra rules the throat, mouth, ears, speech, and hearing. Lesson: Surrender personal will to Divine will.

We have now found our voice. Having been supported by a solid family structure, allowed to explore and create, developing a sense of self-worth, and being willing to love others, we have something to say. At this point, we may be formulating ideas about what we would like to offer the world. Career choices, vocations, avocations come to the forefront of our thinking. Perhaps academia is our choice for this time of our lives. Working with Throat Chakra energy, we can pull in all our training to date and set about creating the life of our dreams.

Third Eye Chakra, Ajna, Carotid Plexus:
Pituitary gland—Produces a number of different hormones that influence various other endocrine glands.

The colour Indigo and the note A are associated with the Third Eye. It deals with our imagination, conceptions, higher goals and ideals, control issues, perceptions, narrow-mindedness, insight, inner guidance. Sixth Chakra is inspiration, imagination and spiritual power. Sixth Chakra rules the vision, face, head, eyes, sleep and dreams. Lesson: Seek only truth.

As we enter adulthood, our perceptions of the world change dramatically. We need to pull in some inspiration in order to live a satisfying life. We may be attracting potential mates. We may be having vivid dreams about whom we should go with, at this moment. We need to take the time to develop discernment. If all the other Chakras have been properly nourished and established, we should now be able to make an appropriate choice for this stage of our lives. We stay in this Chakra for our entire adult life, cycling to the others, as required.

When we begin a new job, we begin a new cycle through the Chakras, creating a structure of security at work; applying your own creativity to your new tasks; establishing your authority in your field and finding your place amongst the others while staying in your integrity; learning to respect and appreciate what your employment is offering you; finding your voice and speaking your truth on the job; developing an intuitive sense about what may be required next or where you could go with a certain project; and so on. Each time we begin a new relationship, job, or creative endeavour, we cycle once again through our Chakras.

Crown Chakra, Sahasrara, Choroid Plexus:
Hypothalamus—Activates and controls the part of the nervous system that controls involuntary body functions, the hormonal system, and many body functions, such as regulating sleep and stimulating appetite.
Pineal body—Involved with daily biological cycles of waking and sleeping. Prevents puberty prior to the proper time.

The colour Violet and the note B are associated with the Crown Chakra. It deals with our connections to Higher Self, wisdom, spiritual awakening, meditation, contemplation, illumination, mystical experiences, oneness with All and with All That Is. Seventh Chakra is unity with multidimensional consciousness. Seventh Chakra rules the brain and nervous system.
Lesson: Live in the present moment. NOW = Notice Only What’s in front of you.

Throughout our lives, we develop ideas about ‘who might be running this show’. We may seek answers in science, religion, or philosophy. We may decide that none of these make sense and so come up with our own line of thinking about the nature of the Universe and all that is within it. There are multiple ways to go here and if we have a strong base in the reality of life, we have likely learned to trust our instincts. Thus, one will go the way of most use to that individual’s path.

Our Electro-magnetic Field
Our ‘aura’ is several high frequency energy layers (or an electromagnetic force field) that surround everyone and everything including our earth. The names of these energy bodies differ in different schools of thought. What is important to understand is that they exist and are there to help nourish and protect our physical body. A.U.R.A.= Abundant Universal Radiation Around each of us.

Etheric body
This energy body is an exact fit to our physical body. The ethereal body draws energy from the Sun through the Solar Plexus and from the Earth via the Root Chakra. This subtle body is also known as the health aura. Within the aura, we can become sensitive and detect subtle energy changes by seeing or feeling phenomena and anomalies that can be removed, balanced, or harmonized during a cleansing. Illness can be recognized and treated by an energy worker before it has a chance to set into the physical body, which makes energy work preventative to illness. Plants, flowers and trees possess a similar radiation as that of the etheric body. Nature is an effective way to balance all of the Chakras. There are a number of ways to balance and harmonize the Chakra & Ch’i system – music and sound, aromatherapy, gemstone therapy and colour therapy.

Emotional Body (astral body)
Thoughts are impressed on the emotional body by the mental body and then they are impressed to the physical brain. When the Emotional body separates from the physical body as in sleep, coma, anaesthesia, drugs or alcohol, it takes with it the sensation of pain. This is why a drunk falling down the stairs does not feel the pain of his or her injuries. It is the storehouse of all of our unresolved emotions and conflicts and shapes our view of the world, creating filters and core beliefs. These are passed unconsciously into our aura and out into the external world. A well-integrated emotional body will be able to manifest its desires when it shifts its vibration to a higher frequency.

Mental body
Its lower frequency is expressed by linear (or logical) thought. Its higher vibration is to receive universal truths and inspiration from the Spiritual body and integrate them with the rational mind. Then we are to apply these to concrete situations and bring about harmonious solutions to our everyday and worldwide problems and so raise the consciousness of humanity. Unfortunately, we get too caught up in the day-to-day drama and trauma to get out of ourselves as much as we need/want to. But, if we could more readily and more often tap in to the intuitions, coincidences and sudden flashes of insight and inspiration, we would make great progress and would overcome so much of our discomfort and confusion.

Spiritual body
The highest vibrational frequency of all the energy bodies (that we know of) is the Spiritual body. Have you ever had the privilege of being around a totally awakened and enlightened person? Their aura can extend for miles. It is through this body that we experience the unity and divinity of life. We can recognize our true purpose and calling through our Spiritual Body. Our lives become more expansive and enriched when we live them through the vibration of our Spiritual body. Our lives will express wisdom, power, and bliss when our Higher Self has the reigns.

Energy Channels
Simply put, the Sushumna (a channel or Nadi through which Kundalini energy courses) is situated parallel to the spinal column in the Etheric body. Starting on the right side, Pengala (another Nadi, which is likened to a vein) travels back and forth across the Sushumna and ends in the right nostril. This is masculine, yang, driving, forceful, forthright, hot, outward, solar energy. Ida (another Nadi) winds her back and forth, beginning on the left of the spine, and ending in the left nostril. She is receptive, feminine, lunar, cool, yin, inward, womb-like/cave-like energy. These are the three main Nadi (or energy vessels/veins/arteries). As they wind past each other, they create circular patterns along the Sushumna. These are the seat of the Chakras. The edge of the Etheric body is where the funnel of energy feels the strongest. The point of the funnel is located deep within the endocrine gland it nourishes.

Path of the Nadi

If your energies are more to the female, you will resonate with Ida. As she begins her journey, she goes to the right of the Root Chakra giving it a counter-clockwise spin. Then she travels to the left of the Sacral Chakra and gives it a clockwise spin and so on up through the Chakras as she winds her way back and forth to the Crown. One whose energies are more to the male will resonate with Pengala and travel the opposite way up the Sushumna. This accounts for the different rotation of the Chakras, male to female energy. This permits the blending of Yin and Yang energies to create the whole, in a relationship.

These are my thoughts, based on over three decades of personal experience and research, about how it all fits together. As usual, I always enjoy reading your comments. Be well; be at peace.

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